Guest lecturer on IR 389

Exciting news! This week Ayse Yircali, the executive director of TESEV, will visit Human Rights in World Affairs. TESEV is one of the most prominent NGO’s in Turkey and has published several important studies on topics ranging from democratization and ethnic politics in Turkey to Turkey’s changing foreign policy and visibility in the Middle East.

Ayse Yircali will give a ~40 minute presentation on the work of TESEV and after her presentation we will have about an hour of free discussion. Based on the experience of TESEV I hope to learn more about how NGO’s select topics to focus on, how they select which audience to target (e.g. the bureaucracy, politicians, general public) and how they maintain a credible productive relationship with the Turkish state while simultaneously pointing out flaws in its laws and practices.

I am truly excited about this opportunity. Anyone else who will be on Sabanci campus at 9 am on Thursday morning is welcome to attend our class at FASS 1102.

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