Replication materials

PNAS 2022. “US foreign aid restrictions and maternal and children’s health: Evidence from the Mexico City Policy” [Data and code]

JIV. 2022. “Women’s murders and the interaction between gender (in)equality and economic development: A subnational analysis in Turkey”. [Data and code, including victim-level data and Bianet’s 2010-2017 Erkek Şiddeti Çetelesi]

JOP. 2020. “The power to hurt and the effectiveness of international sanctions.” [Data and code]

IO. 2020. “Dangerous contenders: Election monitors, Islamic opposition and terrorism.” [Data and code]

PRQ. 2017. “Domestic politics and the motives of emerging donors: Evidence from Turkish foreign aid.” [Data and code]

JCR. 2017. “From economic competition to military combat: Export similarity and international conflict.” [Data and code]

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