Working Papers

Populist Governments and Democratic Backsliding during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Did Populist Leaders Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic More Slowly? Evidence from a Global Sample

Published Papers

US Foreign Aid Restrictions, and Maternal and Children’s Health: Evidence from the “Mexico City Policy” in Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences (co-authored with Valentina Rotondi) [Open access]

Women’s Murders and the Interaction Between Gender (In)equality and Economic Development: A Subnational Analysis in Turkey in Journal of Interpersonal Violence [Download Paper] [3-page summary]

The Power to Hurt and the Effectiveness of International Sanctions in Journal of Politics (co-authored with Tyson J. Chatagnier and Emre Hatipoglu) [Download Paper]

Dangerous Contenders: Election Monitors, Islamic Opposition and Terrorism in International Organization (co-authored with Patrick M. Kuhn) [Download Paper]

Domestic Politics and the Motives of Emerging Donors: Evidence from Turkish Foreign Aid in Political Research Quarterly [Download Paper]

Export Similarity and International Conflict in Journal of Conflict Resolution (co-authored with Tyson J. Chatagnier) [Download Paper]

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