US cooperates with Uganda to catch Kony

Joseph Kony is a warlord, leader of the LRA, a rebel group that has been fighting the Ugandan government since the late 1980’s. The man and his group’s evil reaches comic-book proportions with thousands of murders, kidnappings and rape under his command. He was indicted for war crimes by the ICC, but evaded capture. He is probably in Central African Republic now and contributing to that country’s demise. He was also the subject of an influential and controversial social media campaign “Kony 2012“.

There is no way the US is going to commit large-scale military resources to the capture of this man. He is preying on a country that holds little significance for the West and he hides in thick jungles which makes it particularly difficult to track and capture him. So a “Western humanitarian intervention” is out of the question. But at least now the US is¬†cooperating with Ugandans and trying to help them capture Kony. This article from the Washington Post gives a good overview of the many issues related to such “light humanitarian intervention”.

(the internet etiquette requires me to also hat-tip the blog that sent me to the WaPo article, but unfortunately I cannot find that info right now)

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